YoutubeBOOSTER-System (YTB)

The Youtube Booster System – so you get with
video to the first Page in Google and Youtube

Examples and scope of the YoutubeBOOSTER system

You want to go to Google on the first page? You also want your listing in Google to stand out from other entries? You want more potential customers to click on your listing in Google and learn more about your company and your products and services? Do you want to increase your revenue by increasing your presence in Google?

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the YoutubeBOOSTER system . With the YoutubeBOOSTER system , we enable you

  • quick visibility on the first page of Google
  • a highlighted entry in the Google Search Result
  • high click rates for your entry
  • Networking in the largest video portal in the world with daily more than 720 million search queries
  • Embed your video into your website and thus a link with Youtube

What does the YoutubeBOOSTER system bring to me  ?

YTB-designer furniture-Darmstadt-side one-in-google-in-four-minutesFaster retrievability of your SEO slideshow for your main keywords in Google.  Partially, we reach placements on the first page in Google within a few minutes ( see below, please click ), but certainly within four weeks (as opposed to „normal“ visibility in Google after about three to five months). This statement applies to „normal“ keywords. There are keywords that are significantly harder to optimize as the competition is higher. This is then clarified in the preliminary discussion.


Higher click rate through video thumbnail in the search result

Significant visibility in Google due to the preview image.  The preview image pokes out of the search results and animated to the click. This will allow more potential customers to click on your video listing in Google and learn more about your company and your products and services

Higher click rate.  According to a study conducted by Forrester Research in 2009, a video due to the preview image has a 53x (!) Higher probability of being clicked than a normal entry ( easiest-way.html )

Lower „bounce rate“.  Google measures how quickly a visitor comes back to Google after clicking on a search result because he has not found the right one on the page (the so-called „bounce rate“). A video keeps the visitor on average at least 30 seconds, usually longer. On a page that does not interest him, he lasts a maximum of five to ten seconds and returns to Google, which is bad for this site. With a professionally produced video as you get it under the YoutubeBOOSTER system , you are on the safe side.

High quality backlinks.  The „currency“ with which you pay in Google for a good placement of your site. It is very important to get backlinks from sites that have a high ranking for your keywords in Google. With the SEO slideshow, we place your video at the top of the search engines AND link this video back to your website. This will give you a high-quality backlink to your website with each YoutubeBOOSTER, which in the long run will improve the ranking of your website and improve your ranking in Google. The more videos you link to your site, the better.

Networking in the largest video portal in the world.  Youtube is also the second largest (!) Search engine in the world with more than 720 million search queries every day. We networked your video throughout the YoutubeBOOSTER network with more than 50 connected video channels. This will show your video several times a day and the increased number of „Views“ will increase your video in the Youtube ranking.

Embed your video into your website.  We include your SEO video on your own website as well as in your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and connect your website to Youtube, which also has a positive effect on the ranking of your website

I’ve heard about „tricks“ in search engine optimization, which can be dangerous and „punished“ by Google. How long does my listing last? Did not he disappear after a few weeks?

There are „peers“ of us who work with „tricks“, which are punished by Google after some time. Google has set up the so-called „sandbox“: a video, B. will be removed from the index after a few days and checked by Google. If it is found for „correct“, it comes out after about 10 to 14 days again out of the „sandbox“ and stands from then on stable on the first page in Google. How long it will remain depends on how big the competition is and whether the competitors are not running good and clean search engine optimization. If necessary, you can then book additional components of the YoutubeBOOSTER system , Such as  GoogleOnlineDominator  or  SEO TRUST .

Here are a few examples of satisfied customers who have been  on the front page for several years thanks to the  YoutubeBOOSTER system on Google:

Distance from Oberursel

YTB-dent removal-Oberursel-Google page-one

Here my customer occupies place 1 in Google – and place 2 and place 3 equal with it.

Bodywork paintwork Oberursel

YTB-body work-Oberursel-Google page-one

Place 1 and 2 with the YoutubeBOOSTER system

Straightening work Oberursel


Hier belegt mein Kunde die ersten beiden Plätze in Google

Aufgrund des von uns entwickelten YoutubeBOOSTER-Systems erreichen wir hochwertige Platzierungen auf der ersten Seite in Google meist innerhalb von wenigen Stunden, teilweise sogar Minuten.

Das Ergebnis hier wurde während eines Vortrags LIVE erzielt:


Der gleiche Kunde war auch für wichtige Keywords direkt auf der ersten Seite nach 11 Minuten:


Und sogar für sehr kurze Keywords („Designmöbel Darmstadt„) ist das Video immer noch (Stand Januar 2015) auf der ersten Seite in Google:


Videos im Suchergebnis von Google animieren aufgrund des Video-Vorschaubildes zum Anklicken, sehen Sie hier unser Ergebnis für „Präsentationstraining Darmstadt„:


Und dieser Kunde hier war auch nach nur vier(!) Minuten für „Holzbauarbeiten Bad Homburg“ in Google auf der ersten Seite:


(und ist es immer noch:

Seite 3 in Google nach 24 Minuten:

Seite eins nach vier(!) Minuten:

Nach 11 Minuten auf Seite eins in Google:

Auch die von uns mit dem YoutubeBOOSTER-System optimierten Youtube-Kanäle sind auf der ersten Seite in Google zu finden – teilweise auch schon nach nur wenigen Stunden:

Das YoutubeBOOSTER-System wird schon seit 2011 erfolgreich eingesetzt:


Was erhalten Sie bei der Buchung des YoutubeBOOSTER-Systems?

Auf der Seite „YoutubeBOOSTER – Preise und Leistungen“ haben wir eine Übersicht für Sie zusammen gestellt.

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